Villa Depasta is a historical place, built and built in 1871 with the coat of arms of the family of Nikolaos Depastas, a professor of ancient Greek history at Syros Island and Sifnos high school. With his wife Moschoula Depasta, born Chanoutsou, Nikolaos Depastas, a professor of ancient Greek history at the Syros and Sifnos high school, had five children.

In order of birth, the children are Giannis, Maria, Antonis, Apostolos and Poppi Depasta. All the children of the family have studied classical Greek and have a knowledge of the ancient Greek language which their father and grandfather Nikolaos Depastas respected highly.

To honor her paternal family, her daughter Mona Moschoula Depasta – the undersigned – has set a goal:

1-To sustain the paternal house of the family Depasta via the site by renting it to families of tourists who appreciate the summer of the beautiful island of Sifnos.


2-To embellish the Cycladic tradition of his house thanks to his specialization in the Art of Sketching and Painting in collaboration with the Fine Arts of Athens, as well as his excellent training of the Art of the 2 artists and educators , Mr. Kostas Pappas and Mr. Konstantinos Esslin.



The third son, in relation to the order of birth, Antonis Depastas was an officer of the Greek Navy and was a radio operator in the Second World War.

But during a fight, his torpedo ship was hit by an enemy (Japanese) submarine in 1944.

The name of Andonis Depastas, son of Nikolaos Depastas is engraved on a commemorative column on the Heroes’ Square in Apollonia, Sifnos.



The fourth child in relation to the order of birth, Apostolos Depastas, my father, studied at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Athens. During the Second World War he served in the Greek Navy and participated in the Resistance Marine Secret. He was honored by the leader of the Allied Forces of the Middle East.

From 1955 to 1982, he set up a major Marine Company as CEO (Giannis Karras Shipping SA). In 1964, commissioned by the Greek government, he carried out a study on which the Maritime policy of successive Governments was based to this day.

He died 92 years old, from 1919-2011 and was lucky with his wife Evanthia Depasta born Vasilatou, to give birth to a daughter, Mona Moschoula Depasta and to enjoy the birth of a grandson Apostolos Koustas, son Dimitrios Koustas and Moschoula (Mona) Depasta.

(More history coming soon..)