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The island of Sifnos is located in the Aegean Sea and is part of the Western Cyclades. It lies at the center of the triangle formed by the islands of Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos. Its shape is triangular and it is located 75 nautical miles from Piraeus. The island has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and cool summers. The coastline of the island has many successive coves and beautiful sandy beaches. Sifnos has beaches to suit all tastes: cliffs, pebble beaches and sandy beaches.

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A walk on the island is enough to find that Sifnos has hundreds – precisely 237 – churches and monasteries. These are “witnesses” to the history, tradition, architecture and religious life of the island, and some are classified as historical monuments due to the great architectural and religious interest they present.

Among these are included the monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi, the monastery of Prophitis Ilias the Great, Our Lady of the Mountain, the Chrysostomos monastery at Kato Petali etc.



A total of 77 towers are still preserved in Sifnos, dating back to the period of the island’s peak in the 6th century. B.C. These were fortifications and defensive constructions, which were created to serve as observatories as well as outposts. Their original location was close to the mines and with the passage of time they spread to the rest of the island, to slopes and tops of heights. All the towers recorded by the archaeological service were round and communicated with each other as well as with the ancient citadel with smoke or mirror signals (the so-called phrythoria). Among the most accessible are the Ancient Acropolis of Agios Andreas (with reference to their location) and the Black Tower in Exampela (5th century BC).

The beaches

The island of Sifnos offers travelers all the beauty of the archipelago and impresses with the exceptional richness of its land, architecture, ancient paths, cleanliness, numerous churches and its blue and clear waters. The island of Sifnos has beaches to suit all tastes: cliffs, pebble beaches and sandy beaches.

The beaches

Most of the beaches are accessible by road (bus) as the beaches: Kamares, Cheronissos, Vathy, Platys Gialos, Faros, Vroulidia, while others are accessible either by traditional roads or by boat (like Gialoudia, Fikiada, Kontos and others).


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